Effect of treadmill training versus high intensity circuit training in overweight individuals

Author(s): Malar vizhi D

BACKGROUND: Previous studies have shown significant effects of aerobic exercise such as treadmill training in overweight individuals. High-intensity circuit training now has become a popular way to exercise, boost metabolism and increase strength. OBJECTIVE: To compare the effect of treadmill training versus high-intensity circuit training in overweight individuals.

STUDY DESIGN: Quasi experimental study design.

PROCEDURE: 28 subjects, age group 17-25 years of both male and female. 14 subjects in the Group A underwent treadmill training with pre and post-test and 14 subjects in Group B underwent high-intensity circuit training with pre and post-test.

OUTCOME MEASURE: Body mass index, waist circumference, waist-hip ratio and skinfold measurements at triceps, abdominal and calf respectively. RESULTS: Statistical analysis was showed significant improvement within the groups and no significant difference between the groups.

CONCLUSION: Treadmill training and high-intensity circuit training were both equally effective in the management of overweight individuals.

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