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Comparative Study of Pathogenic Factors of Mycoplasma agalactiae Isolates

Author(s): Islam M Wassif, MAE Balata


Protein profiles of selected M. agalactiae isolates of goats were carried out, it was clear that there were variations between selected strains. There was a similarity only in two monomorphic bands which were about 57 kDa and about 29 kDa. In addition to 6 polymorphic bands which were 113 kDa, 87 kDa, 75 kDa, 49kDa, 43 kDa and 36 kDa. There were 7 unique protein bands for each strain, 121 kDa (PG2), 108 kDa (strain 2), 91 kDa (PG2), 70 kDa (strain 2), 65 kDa (PG2), 63 kDa (strain 3) and 35 kDa (strain 2). On the other hand, results of the Western blot test revealed that reference strain 1 and strain 4 had immunogenic bands at Molecular weight of 57 kDa and 49 kDa. The strain 2 had immunogenic bands at M. wt of 57 kDa and 46 kDa. The strain 3 which recovered from normal caprine milk had not the immunogenic band.