Effects of sitting posture modification and exercises in school going children with neck pain in rural area in Tamil Nadu

Author(s): Perooru Rupesh, Malarvilzhi D, Prasanth D, Sivakumar VPR

Background:  Correct sitting posture reduces the risk of slouched posture, protruded chin and prevents the neck pain from disability.

Objective: The study was to determine the effect of postural correction exercises in rural area school going children.

Methodology Design quasi experimental design, 25subjects, age group10-14 years with neck pain from government high school& talent high school, vellithiruppur, Erode, Tamil Nadu. Interventions were subjects received sitting posture modification and home care exercise advices (Isometric neck exercises, free exercises and postural correction) for 3 weeks. Outcome measures were Neck disability index and Visual analogue scale.

Results: Results obtained are NDI- Pre-test Mean, S.D 21.8 ± 0.825688; Post-test Mean, S.D 0.020618, VAS- Pre-test Mean, S.D 04.9 ± 1.986503; Post-test Mean, S.D 01.4 ± 0.026543 shows there was significance difference between pre-test; post test data for NDI and VAS.

Conclusion: There was significant reduction in neck pain and neck disability after postural correction and exercises in school going children with neck pain in rural area.

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