Immediate Effect of Neck Stabilization Exercise on Neck Repositioning Accuracy in Chronic Neck Pain Patients

Author(s): Perooru Rupesh, Fanny Janet Roshma and Ayyappan Jayavel


Forward head posture is a musculoskeletal abnormality where the head is positioned anterior to the Line of Gravity causing neck pain, headache, temporo-mandibular disorders, myofacial pain syndrome and abnormal scapular movement.


To investigate the immediate effect of neck isometric exercise on neck reposition sense. Methodology: Total 19 subjects, age group 18-35 years with chronic neck pain- SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, SRM University, Kattankulathur.


The participants were taught neck stabilization exercise. Outcome measure: Neck Reposition Sense and Numerical Pain Rating Scale.

Results and Conclusion:

In X Axis Pre Test Mean value is 8.52 and post Test Mean value is 5.66. For Y Axis Pre Test value 7.89 and Post Test value 9.78. For Numerical Pain Rating Scale Pre Test Mean value 5.84 and Post Test value is 5.15. In X Axis and in NPRS there is absolute variation and in Y Axis there is minimal change in focus is noted.

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