Influence of Chronic Intoxication of Sulfur-Containing Gas on the Condition of Peroxidation of Lipids, Nitric Oxide and Induced No-Syntase

Author(s): Ovsyannikova OA, Shishkina TA

Lipids directly participate in the immune and chemical processes, neurotransmission and contribute to the body energy reserve formation. That is why the topic is relevant and research was aimed to investigate the peculiarities of the condition of peroxidation of lipids in the bone marrow, blood plasma and erythrocytes, nitric oxide metabolites in blood serum and i-NOS content in rats at the stages of the postnatal ontogenesis under the conditions of the experimental influence of subtoxic doses of sulfur-containing gas. Experimental and theoretical methods, applied by the authors, have made it possible to research the issues thoroughly. The authors have conducted experimental research, targeted to investigating the chronic influence of subtoxic doses of sulfur-containing gas within the system of lipids peroxidation – antioxidant defense, as well as between the level of nitric oxide metabolites and induced NO-synthase concentration in the bone marrow and blood. It has been established that a long-term influence of sulfur-containing gas results in the shift in the system of proliferative processes in bone marrow cells, decreasing their germinative potential, causing degradation in the erythron system.

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