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Intrinsic Focal Electromagnetic Induction, a Mechanism of Neurological Symptoms

Author(s): Berkley L Rish

ABSTRACT The physics of Electromagnetic Induction (EMI) is reviewed and applied to the anatomy and neurophysiology of the human body. The neuron, the primary cell of the nervous system, coexists with a myriad of vascular structures and would be susceptible to EMI. When the neuron’s electrical impulse, the action potential, traversing an axon with deficient myelin, intersects the electromotive fields of a blood vessel, a conductor, EMI could occur. By the laws of physics governing this phenomenon, a new current, inductance, would be produced and shared throughout the blood vessel and back into the axon source of the original current. Medical history and the study of physics support this  phenomenon as the mechanism of the pain in trigeminal neuralgia, tic douloureux. Other neurological syndromes, such as seizures associated with arteriovenous malformations and causalgia seen after nerve injuries in the extremities may share this mechanism.