Reliability and Validity of I Handy Android Application on Measurement of Lumbar Spine Movement in Patients with Low Back Pain

Author(s): Ayyappan Jayavel, Priyadharshni Misra, VPR Sivakumar

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to investigate the reliability and concurrent validity of active spinal mobility measurements using a gravity-based bubble inclinometer and an android application.

Objective: This study was to examine the utility of an android application as a measurement tool in measurement of lumbar range of motion in low back pain patient Methods: It is a descriptive study design with a sample size of 30 patients.

Results: Interclass correlation coefficients were used to analyze the ability of Samsung tab 2 and I handy application for measuring lumbar ROM in LBP patients.

Conclusion: The I handy application has good Intra and inter-tester reliability and it can be used to measure the lumbar spine range of motion.

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