The Development of a Standardised Multiprofessional Paediatric In-Situ Simulation Programme Based on a National Standards Framework: A Multi-Centered Approach

Author(s): Kate Loughlin, Jane Runnacles, Valerie Dimmock, Nicola Botting and Rosemary Lanlehin

Aim: ASPiH (2016) produced a standards framework to guide the delivery of high quality simulation in healthcare. In 2017, ASPiH will use these standards as a platform to develop guidelines for individual and institutional accreditation. The Multiprofessional Paediatric in situ Simulation (MPIS) programme is the first programme developed from the ASPiH standards and aimed to drive multi-professional learning initiatives across a regional network.

Methods: A regional scoping study was conducted to assess the delivery of MPIS. Semistructured interviews and questionnaires were conducted with Simulation Educators using questions based upon two main categories defined within the ASPiH standards framework: Faculty and Activity. The findings of the scoping study underpinned the development of driver diagrams and the creation of the MPIS programme. The MPIS programme was piloted across 8 hospital sites, delivering 15 simulation sessions to 74 participants. It was evaluated using a 14 item questionnaire assessing participants’ perceptions that simulation supported multi-professional learning pre and post participation in the MPIS programme.

Results: Multi-professional learning was not supported, with a lack of relevant and well defined learning objectives for professional groups other than trainee doctors across the network; this justified the need to develop the MPIS programme. Evaluation using Paired T Test statistical analysis demonstrated significant improved perception that simulation supported multiprofessional learning following participation in the MPIS programme (t(73)=8.51, p<0.001). Further ANOVA subset analysis highlighted increased perception of learning for both doctors and nurses (F (1,72)=71.0, p<0.001) to the same degree (F (1,72)=0.11, p=0.74).

Conclusion: Our MPIS programme supports multi-professional simulation learning initiatives and is valued by both doctors and nurses. Our programme is the first programme to be developed from the ASPiH standards framework and if endorsed nationally, the MPIS programme could lay the foundations for ASPiH’s accreditation and ensure high quality delivery of in-situ simulation.

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