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The Relationship between Intraocular Pressure and Choroid Thickness after Intravitreal Injection in Patients with Diabetic Macular Edema

Author(s): Hakika Erdogan, Sadik Sencan


Objective: To investigate the relationship between Intraocular Pressure (IOP) change and choroid thickness in the early period after intravitreal injection in Diabetic Macular Edema (DME)

Materials and Methods: The patients with were treated intravitreal anti-VEGF for DME were included in the study. The age, sex, Preinjection (PRI) IOP, Postinjection (POSI) day one, week one IOP values, choroid thickness. The presence of Subconjunctival Reflux (SR) during injection, complications, and anterior chamber paracentesis was noted.

Results: 73 patients were included in the study. IOP mean of PRI, POSI 1 day, and POSI 1 week were 15,76 ± 3,33 mmHg, 17,18 ± 4,02 mmHg , 15,57 ± 3,76 mmHg, respectively. There was a difference between POSI 1 day with PRI and POSI 1 week for IOP. There was no difference between PRI IOP with POSI 1 week. Choroidal thickness was PRI, POSI 1 Day and POSI 1 week 260 ± 100.4 μm 256.5 ± 96.5 μm, 258.6 ± 104.5 μm respectively. There was no relationship between the pressure change and CT in patients but CT was measured as the thinnest in the patients at 1st day while IOP was higher. IOP values on day one POSI were 15.27 ± 3.41 mmHg with SR and lower than without SR IOP values 18.25 ± 4.09 mmHg on day one POSI and statistically significant. No difference was found between the choroidal thicknesses of the patients with and without SR.

Conclusion: The choroid was found to be thicker in individuals with increased IOP increase but not statistically significant.