Usefulness of the Mobile Interactive Pharmacy Education Enhancement Resource (miPEER) Mobile Web-App as a Learning Tool for Electronic Health Records

Author(s): Kevin Yap

Formal electronic health record (EHR)-related training is lacking in the curricula of many pharmacy schools, thus resulting in a lack of skills base in pharmacy graduates. We developed an in-house mobile web-app – the “Mobile Interactive Pharmacy Education Enhancement Resource” (miPEER) – to train students on how to extract relevant patient health information (PHI) from EHRs to solve clinical cases. miPEER contains 3 core features – “Virtual Patient Records (VPR)”, “Case Questions” and “Druglist”. The VPR consists of mock PHI which simulates those of EHRs, so that students can learn how to extract relevant information to solve counselling scenarios in the “Case Questions”. The “Druglist” provides hyperlinks to drug information of the most frequently-used prescription-only, pharmacy-only and general sales list medications used in Singapore. Through 2 online surveys, we demonstrate how mobile apps, such as miPEER, can potentially train new generations of digitally competent pharmacists to improve the quality of pharmaceutical care.

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