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A Comparative Study to Analyze the Effect of Ultrasound Therapy versus Microcurrent Therapy in Patients with Chronic Lateral Epicondylitis

Author(s): Jothi Prasanna K, Namgyal Doma Sherpa and Sivakumar VPR

Background: Lateral epicondylitis is a relatively common musculoskeletal condition that can cause significant pain and disability. Treatment of lateral epicondylitis aims at reducing pain, increasing grip strength and improving the quality of life of the patient. Therapeutic ultrasound, phonophoresis, LASER therapy, manipulation, soft tissue mobilisation, neural tension, stretching and strengthening has long played an important role in the treatment of lateral epicondylitis, however treatment involving Microcurrent therapy for management of lateral epicondylitis are limited to this date.

Objective: To compare the effectiveness of Ultrasound therapy and Microcurrent therapy in subjects with chronic lateral epicondylitis. Study design: Quasi experimental study design. Subjects: 20 subjects, 10 each with Ultrasound therapy and Microcurrent therapy age group between 35-50 years of both male and female. Intervention: 10 subjects in group A received Ultrasound therapy with Pre and Post-test and 10 subjects in group B received Microcurrent therapy with Pre and post-test.

Outcome measure: Visual Analogue Scale [VAS], Grip Strength and PRTEE Results: Statistical analysis was done by using paired ‘t’ test which showed significant improvement in both groups.

Conclusion: Microcurrent therapy has shown significant result in reduction of pain, increased grip strength and functional activity in patients with chronic lateral epicondylitis.