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Clinical Simulation: Introduction

Author(s): International Journal of Clinical skills

Clinical Simulation is a method for a Simulation Center to recreate real-world healthcare scenarios in a safe environment for learning and experimentation. The use of tools, devices, and/or environments to simulate a specific aspect of clinical treatment is referred to as "clinical simulation." Healthcare Simulation, Medical Simulation, Nursing Simulation, Simulation in Healthcare, and Surgical Simulation are some of the more frequent terms for the concept.

The use of clinical simulation-based learning has a variety of advantages. Learners might, for example, challenge themselves to treat real-life clinical circumstances while effectively obtaining in-classroom training through Clinical Simulation sessions. Furthermore, having such a diverse range of readily available learning opportunities allows you to make mistakes and learn from them. The clinically simulated learning environment is also easily accessible and adjustable, enhancing the tool's clinical utility. While traditional secondary education methods such as oral exams, written quizzes, and assigned readings are still used, a Clinical Simulation makes advantage of technological advancements to create an authentic simulation for first-hand learning. This allows students or healthcare professionals to gain hands-on experience while without putting actual patients at risk. Clinical Simulation is also beneficial in academic contexts since it provides instructors with a clear picture of a student's ability and skill set. Instructors can use the simulation to address problems and faults in real time as learners practise their abilities in a safe setting. As a result, Clinical Simulation is a useful tool for providing accurate feedback and assessing all student abilities.


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