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Differential diagnosis bronchial obstructive syndrome

Author(s): Priti Singh, Salman Khan, Rana Salieva, Shakeel Ahmed, Frank Michael Navarrete, Abrar Ali Khan, Tiara Calvo Leon, Mahendra Kumar Verma

Bronchial obstruction, a frequently encountered medical condition, is caused by a mechanical or immunological response or pathological blockage of any part of the airways. It causes acute or chronic respiratory failure. Irrespective of the cause, symptoms are usually similar: cough, difficulty in breathing, wheezing, etc. Its differential diagnosis is sometimes challenging; however, a careful history-taking and function testing usually leads to diagnosis, and thus appropriate treatment strategies. Radiologic imaging, inflammatory marker testing, and additional tests may also help differentiate the condition. We have reviewed and summarized bronchial obstruction, with special reference to its differential diagnosis. This review may help physicians better tailor their therapy.