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Effect of Isokinetic Strength Training on Lower Leg Muscle Strength: A Comparison of Full Range and Partial Range of Motion Exercises

Author(s): Junji Matsuba, Hitoshi Maruyama

The study aims to compare the effectiveness of muscle strength training at full range of motion (ROM) and partial ROM as an aid for developing an effective muscle strength training method.

We included 14 and 11 participants in the full and partial ROM groups, respectively. The participants were instructed to perform knee flexion and extension muscle training using an isokinetic dynamometer. The participants in the full and partial ROM groups performed knee flexion exercises from 130° to 0° and from 90° to 0°, respectively. The exercise protocol in both the groups was 300°/s for three sets, twice per week, over a total exercise period of 8 weeks. Maximum torque (Nm) per 1 kg of body weight was measured before and after the intervention.

Statistical analyses results indicated that both the groups exhibited muscle strengthening after the intervention. No significant between-group difference was observed in the degree of muscle strengthening achieved.

Partial ROM training exerts the same degree of effect as full ROM training.