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Effect of Pressure Release and Positional Release with Phonophoresis in Management of Myofascial Trigger Point of Trapezius

Author(s): Smita Chandrakant Patil, Chandrakant Patil

Objectives: To study the effectiveness of pressure release with Phonophoresis in the myofascial trigger point. To study the effectiveness of
positional release therapy with Phonophoresisin myofascial trigger point of Trapezius.
Materials and Method: The study was carried out at physiotherapy OPD KIMSDU, Karadafter the ethical clearance. A total of 60 samples was selected based on inclusion and exclusion criteria and divided into 2 groups by a simple random sampling method. Group A was treated with pressure release therapy and phonophoresis. Group B was treated with the positional release with phonophoresis. The intervention was given for 2 weeks. The outcome measures were visual analog scale, cervical rom. Statistical analysis was done using paired and unpaired t-test.
Results: The results showed a statistically extremely significant improvement in pain and cervical flexion in both the groups (p<0.0001).
Between-group analysis showed statistically significant improvement if group A (pressure release) than group B (positional release.)
Conclusion: Both the manual therapy techniques can be used for treating myofascial trigger points of the trapezius muscle.