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Knowledge and Perception of Nursing Staff Regarding Organizational Commitment in Northern Borders Government Hospitals in Saudi Arabia

Author(s): Fahad Khamis K. Alshammari, Mshary Benian Al Enzi

Background: Nurses play an important role in rendering high-quality services. Considering nurses’ critical role, the level of nursing staff organizational commitment has been closely associated with the quality of care rendered by nursing staff from different health care institutions. It has been proved before that nurses who possess a high level of organizational commitment exhibited a low level of burnout; In the past five years in the Northern Borders government hospitals of Saudi Arabia, feedback from nursing staff regarding organizational commitment was not evaluated.

Aim: This study was conducted to gather information with regard to nurses’ level of organizational commitment in this specified region of Saudi Arabia.

Method: This study utilized a quantitative, descriptive correlational design in determining the organizational commitment of nursing staff in Northern Borders government hospitals in Saudi Arabia, with 487 nurses from the target hospitals selected using a convenience sampling method. The study used one questionnaire divided into two parts: a demographic survey and the Three-Component Module (TCM) Employee Commitment Survey. The collected data were analyzed using both descriptive and inferential statistical tools.

Result: The results showed that nurses in the Northern Borders governmental hospitals in Saudi Arabia had above-average organizational commitment, with affective followed by normative and then continuous. Moreover, there were significant differences in all styles in terms of gender (with an advantage for females), nationality (with an advantage for non-Saudis), education (with an advantage for bachelor-degree holders), and experience (with an advantage for those with more than 10 years of experience).

Conclusion: It has been recommended that the healthcare administration should ensure that nurses are committed to their work in order to avoid future undesirable hospital outcomes.

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