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Outcome Review of Modified Central Mound Technique in Breast Reduction AND Mastopexy

Author(s): Omar Alnobani, Ashraf Metwali Moatafa, Nafisa Hussain, Mohammad Salah Alsabbahi , and Ahmed Abd El Gawad

Background: The Central Mound (CM) technique is one of the most reliable and safe mammoplasty techniques, based on the use of a highly
vascular central pedicle.
Method: From January 2020 to December 2020, a retrospective review of 28 patients, who underwent reduction mammoplasty or mastopexy
using our modified technique, were included in this study. All procedures were performed by the senior author of this paper in a private
setting. Patients’ demographics, operative and postoperative outcomes were collected and analyzed.
Results: In this study, 28 patients identified for inclusion. The mean age was 44.5 years, and mean Body Mass Index (BMI) was 30.2 kg/m2.
Postoperatively, mean follow up period was 5.5 months, with no mortalities and few morbidities and high satisfaction rate.