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Successful Use of a Novel Device Called the Lifevac ton Resuscitate Choking Victims World-wide Results

Author(s): Saperstein DM, Pugliesi PR, Ulteig C, Schreiber N

Choking remains the fourth leading cause of accidental death worldwide. Despite major medical advances in other areas, there currently are no devices that exist to assist in the resuscitation of a choking victim when the standard abdominal thrusts and backblows fail. The Lifevac is a portable, non-powered suction device that was created for the resuscitation of a choking victim when standard protocol fails. It is noninvasive and simple to use, thus making it attractive for use in choking emergencies. This article describes results of worldwide experience using the Lifevac in real life emergencies. Thus far the unit has been used successfully 100% of the time with limited to no side effects reported. The use of LifeVac has huge potential to save thousands of people from choking, including more susceptible populations such as children and the elderly. It can be used by EMS in the field, and the device could prove valuable in hospitals, nursing homes, day care centers, and other settings. Based on these encouraging results the Lifevac device should be considered as an option during a choking emergency when standard protocol fails.