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The Effect on Playing Violent Video Games among School Going Children

Author(s): Ohood Othman Felemban???, Ahlam Eidah Alzahrani, Atheer Naife Alhazmi, Renad Fahad Alahmadi, Ahad Mohammed Alsalhi and Rand Nabil Alahmadi

Background: Playing violent video games may negatively affect children’s behaviours. An excessive use of violent video games has been shown to limit children’s relationships and negatively affect their moods and emotions, as well as diminish their performance in school. The aim of the study was to assess the effect of violent video games on school-going children.

Methods and findings: A cross-sectional quantitative study was conducted in Jeddah with a convenience sample of 203 children (114 boys and 89 girls). The children were 7-12 years old. Data were collected by sending a link to the online survey through a social media application (WhatsApp). They were then analysed using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) Version 23. The results of the study showed that majority of participants (95.1%) liked to play video games. About 40.9% of them expressed sometimes wanting to imitate the violent action that they saw in the games. Most (72.4%) of the participants felt angry or frustrated when they lost while playing games. About 66.5% of the participants reported being exhausted after playing video games for a long time. Around 53.7% stated they had been irritated and frustrated when their parents asked them to end the game for a meal, sleep or study.

Conclusion: the findings indicate that playing violent video games may have direct effects on children’s moods and emotions which makes them react aggressively like shouting and fighting with sibling. Playing video games may decrease prosocial behaviour of children and makes them more isolated. Further research is needed to examine the effect of playing violent video games on children’s attitudes.


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