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The Sustainability Assessment of the Quality Improvement in Morocco Primary Health Care Facilities

Author(s): Zaadoud Brahim, Chbab Youness, Chaouch Aziz

Objectives: Our research aims to analyze the implementation and sustainability of a continuous quality improvement approach to understand the effects of the quality management practices in two Moroccan Primary Healthcare Facilities (PHCF).

Methods: The data collection made through two audits in two different editions for two PHCF A and PHCF B. The tool used is an evaluation and the score guide composed by six domains: customer satisfaction; accessibility/availability/continuity; rationalization of the resources; safety and reactivity; the leadership and continuous improvement; and community partnership/participation and following the deming wheel: plan, do, check, and adapt. Each question is scored on a scale the 0 To 4.

Results: On note that the global performance of PHCF ‘A’ was regressed (69% to 65%), and the global performance of the PHCE ‘B’ was increased (39% to 73%). The mean difference shows a significant difference between the two PHCE. (PHCF ‘A’ 4.4 and PHCF ‘B’ 4.1). The PHCF A showed a decrease between the different areas while the PHCF ‘B’ showed an important increase between the different areas of quality.

Conclusions: The Quality Improvement Approaches (QIA) is an effective tool for the introduction of change in the health care facilities, however, institutions find QIA more challenging. For improving, the primary health care is necessarily to pass by the performance measure, search for appropriate evaluation tools however, the staffs, who, work in the primary health care centers suffer from an important lack for the tools to improve the health care quality.


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