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Clinical skills refer to address the key concerns over the medical practices by exploring the best patient oriented clinical research and by exhibiting this information both directly, as clinical findings, and in practice oriented formats of direct application in day-to-day situations.

The term ‘clinical skills’ refers to those clinical examination and procedural skills commonly performed in real or simulated clinical environments.

rm and opportunity to present evidence based medicine and analytical assessment of research and probably it is much in deed for students, teachers and health care professionals to enhance the patient care.

Knows about the skill: This includes knowledge about the skill, including underlying theory behind the practice. In relation to procedural skills it involves knowledge of indications, contraindications, potential complications and alternate strategies or approaches if the skill is unsuccessful or unable to be performed.

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January 2015, Volume 9, Issue 1

"Evidence regarding blended learning is increasing, but more needs to be known about its use in clinical education for clinical skills and how students utilise and perceive e-learning as part…"(Click here to read)


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