Comparative characteristics of the methods of treatment of chronic periodontitis using antibacterial photodynamic therapy (per one visit) and calasept preparation

Author(s): Karen G Karakov, Emiliya E Hachaturyan, Evgeniya G Babayan

The article describes the results of research on efficiency of using antimicrobial photodynamic therapy in treatment of chronic periodontitis. 88 root canals in 65 patients were examined and treated. It was found that the use of antimicrobial photodynamic therapy leads to a reduction of medical cases accompanied by pain reaction after a one-stage treatment of chronic periodontitis when compared with data of the patients treated with calcium hydroxide preparation. Laser radiation in the course of preparation of the root canal for obturation allows reducing the number of complications almost 1.5 times, speeding up the recovery process of bone destruction foci, allowing to conduct endodontic treatment per one visit.

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