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Examination of Knowledge Levels of Nurses Working in Surgical Clinics About ERAS Protocol


Background: Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocol is a patient-centered, evidence-based and interdisciplinary approach applied to reduce patients' response to surgical stress, optimize their physiological functions and facilitate surgical recovery. The aim of the study was to examine the knowledge levels of nurses working in surgical clinics about ERAS protocol.

Methods: The study was carried out as a descriptive study. The sample of the study consisted of 127 surgical unit nurses who were not on leave during the study period and who were willing to participate. A data collection form consisting of two sections and 47 questions developed by the researchers was used to collect the data. The necessary ethical and institutional approvals were obtained before the study.

Results: In the study 84.25% of the nurses stated that they did not know about the ERAS protocol, 88.97% stated that the institution where they worked did not implement ERAS practices, 99.21% stated that they did not follow any publication on the ERAS protocol, 99.21% stated that they did not receive any training on the ERAS protocol, and %77.16 stated that they did not know whether ERAS practices were useful.

Conclusions: It was determined that most of the surgical nurses in the study did not know about the ERAS protocol and that ERAS protocol practices were not included in the clinic where they worked. Organizing trainings for the implementation of ERAS practices and ensuring the participation of nurses can help increase their knowledge levels in this regard.