The Efficacy of Core Muscle Release Technique in Mechanical Low Back Pain a Quasi Experimental Study

Author(s): Suresh Jothi, Peteti Sai Ram and Sivakumar VPR

Background:There are many treatments given for mechanical Low back pain which includes Anti-inflammatory Drugs, Traction, Stretching However, studies involving Core muscle release technique for management of Mechanical Low back pain are limited to this date.

Objective: To find out the efficacy Core muscle release technique for the management of mechanical low back pain. Study design: Quasi experimental study design.

Subjects: 40 subjects with Core muscle release technique with low level laser therapy (LLLT) and Conventional physical therapy with Low level laser therapy, age group 20-40 years of males.

Intervention: 20 subjects in the Group 1 received Core muscle release technique with low level laser therapy before and after-test and 20 subjects in Group 2 received Conventional Physical therapy and Low level laser therapy with before and after -test. Outcome measure: Numeric pain rating scale (NPRS), The Roland-Morris Low Back Pain and Disability Questionnaire (RMDQ), Active Lumbar range of movements like (Flexion, Extension, side flexion to right and left)

Results: Statistical data analysis was done by using Paired ‘t’ test which showed significant improvement in both group.

Conclusion: Core muscle release technique with LLLT has significant result in the reduction of pain and functional activity in Mechanical Low back pain patients.

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