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Giant cell tumor of the maxillary bone VS central giant cell granuloma: Case report

Author(s): Charfeddine Abir, Abdellatif Chokri, Dammak Nouha, Zouaghi Hela, Selmi Jamil

Giant cell tumors are osteolytic neoplasms. They are rare in the region of the head and neck, where they are localized preferentially at the sphenoid or temporal bones, and they remain exceptional at the jaw bones. Women are more affected than men, with an age range of 25 years to 40 years. These tumors show benign histological features. However, they are locally aggressive, with a rate of malignant transformation of 10%-20% of cases. The principal differential diagnosis arises mainly with the central granuloma with giant cells. Several therapeutic modalities have been mentioned in the literature, but surgery remains the treatment of choice for this type of lesion. in the literature, there is a big confusion between giant cell tumor and central giant cell granuloma; in some articles, the authors consider them as the same pathological entity, hence the aim of our work to clarify the differences between giant cell tumor and central giant cell granuloma clinically, radiologically, histologically and cytologically by presenting a case of giant cell tumor, of rare localization in the jawbone, in a young patient aged 17, who consults with a lesion in the right maxilla and severe dental mobility.