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Volume 16, Issue 3

Research Article

Technology Addiction, Sleep Disturbance and Physical Inactivity Among Psychiatric Patients

Author(s): Sayed Shahbal, Muhammad Tahir, Amna Khan, Ali Ibrahim Noshili, Thana A Aljohani, Ayat Mohamed Ahmed Zammar, Amal Mohammad Hamdi, Hejab Saad Alharbi, Abdulmajeed Hassan Alzahrani, Mariam E Alammi, Hind Khalid Almutairi, HebaTalal al Faisal, Mohammed Mansour Althawabi, Ali Aali Alharbi, AbdulraheemMulfi Almutairy, Thamer Salem Ali Alghamdi, Turki Ali Haloosh and Rubia Batool

DOI: DOI: 10.37532/1753-0431.2022.16(3).231