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Eyebrow Reshaping (ER) with DefinisseTM Threads

Author(s): Jamie Anthony A Arzadon, Adriano Santorelli, and Lisa J Braganza

Eyebrows play a role in defining the contours of the face and are associated with beauty. A brow lift can reverse the effect of aging and restore beauty. DefinisseTM threads are a range of absorbable, monofilament, suspension barbed threads of synthetic origin to be used when tissue support is required. DefinisseTM threads interact with the tissues with a double action. Namely, a lifting action for the support and repositioning of the tissues, due to the mechanical action and revitalizing action due to the fibrosis that appears along the thread. Individual perceptions and expectations also differ from person to person. The experience with the shaping of eyebrows using DefinisseTM threads is profiled. Eyebrow lift with DefinisseTM threads is a safe, new approach to reshaping eyebrows and improving beauty and confidence.

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